Saturday, 3 June, 2023

Sakif Shamim named ‘Person of the Year’ by Forbes Monaco

Sakif Shamim, managing director of Labaid Cancer Hospital and Super Specialty Center, was recently honored by Forbes Monaco magazine as the ‘Person of the Year’.
He is the first person from Bangladesh who has achieved the milestone at Forbes Monaco magazine’s cover story, says a press release.
The Labaid family is ecstatic about the achievement and sends him congratulations and well wishes for his future success.
Sakif Shamim achieved many awards and recognition such as the Asia's Greatest Brands and Leaders Award 2021-2022, achieved the Growing Business Award 2022 for the greatest brands  and  Leaders in  Asia  and  Featured in  Forbes  Asia  100  to  watch  in Leadership, ‘Game Changer’ by Indian magazine Business Today, CEO Insights presents the "Top 10 Leaders  in   Bangladesh -2022"   award   and   more.   
He is a founder of LifePlus Bangladesh Ltd, a healthcare app for maintaining efficient and interactive healthcare with patients.