Monday, 5 June, 2023

Srabonty on small screen after 13 years

The once popular actress, model and dancer Ipshita Shabnam Srabonty has been away from the showbiz arena for a long time. She is now living in the US with her two daughters Rabiah and Arisha. The audience last saw the actress in the drama ‘Dalim Kumar’ directed by Nurul Alam Atiq in 2010.

Although Srabonty came to the country several times for personal reasons, she did not stand before the camera at that time. After a 13 year-long hiatus, the actress will be seen again on the small screen on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.

She will appear in the Eid special episode of ‘Ranga Sakal’, a regular programme of Maasranga Television. At the programme, Srabonty will disclose why she has been away from acting for more than a century.

The heroine of popular films like ‘Rong Number’, Srabonty once played central roles in numerous popular dramas including ‘51 Borti’, ‘Saat Char Dui’, ‘Nurul Huda Ekda Bhalobeshechilo’, ‘Sixty Nine’, ‘Jochnaar Phul’.

As there were joys in being in the midst of popularity, there were also many stories of underachievement. Srabonty will tell those stories in ‘Ranga Sokal’.

Anchored by Rumman Rashid Khan and Khaleda, the special episode of ‘Ranga Sakal’ will be aired on of Maasranga Television at 7:00am on the fourth day of Eid.