Saturday, 3 June, 2023

Bogura judge removed amid controversy

Additional District and Sessions Judge Rubya Yeasmin has been removed from Bogura after drawing controversy by allegedly forcing the parents of two students to grovel at her feet, reports
The government on Thursday ordered her withdrawal from the district amid protests by students of Bogura Government Girls’ High School over the incident.
"She has been withdrawn from there and attached to the law ministry," Golam Sarwar, secretary of the ministry's Law and Justice Department, said without referring to the incident.
Yeasmin's daughter is also a student at the same high school. Locals say that on Monday, her daughter had an argument with two of her classmates for not joining efforts to clean their classroom.
Later, the judge called the parents of the two students and forced them to touch her feet and apologise.
The incident sparked protests among the students, prompting Deputy Commissioner Saiful Islam to provide assurances that the local administration would look into the matter. He said the district judge would take action against Yasmin. No statement by Yeasmin was available.
Earlier on Monday, a student was supposed to sweep the classroom. But as she is the judge's daughter, she refused to do it. She also had an argument with her classmates about this. That night, the student made a post on Facebook describing the students as 'slum girls.'
Four of her classmates also made counter posts on Facebook protesting her comments.
After learning about the matter from her daughter, the judge summoned the parents of four students through the headmistress Rabeya Khatun at the school on Tuesday morning. Four students and their parents came to the headmistress' room at around 11:00am.
Later, in presence of the headmistress, the judge who was present there at that time threatened to send the students and their parents to jail filing a case under the Digital Security Act (DSA).
At that time, she also forced two students and their mothers to apologise to her by touching her feet.