Saturday, 1 April, 2023

RU Clash

RU students demand removal of proctor

RU students demand removal of proctor

RAJSHAHI: A group of Rajshahi University (RU) students hold a symbolic funeral prayers (Gayebana Janaza) in front of the main entrance of the university on Sunday due to the negligence of it’s proctor regarding the clash between students and locals on Saturday.

A number of protesters have staged demonstrations on the Rajshahi-Dhaka highway protesting over the attack by locals and policemen in which more than 200 students were injured. At that time, the protesters arranged an empty coffin writing with ''Rabi Proshashan Mara Gese'' and demanding the removal of Proctor Prof Dr Ashabul Haque from his post. They said, 'Proctor was sleeping with his family at home instead of being near us while our brothers were rolling around in a bloody state. We do not want such proctor in whose hands our students are not safe.''

Earlier of this day, the students gathered on the campus in the morning and locked Sayed Nazrul Islam administration building of the campus while they chanted different slogans. They also took position in front of the VC 's residence demanding justice for the attack on RU students by locals and police.