Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

487 deaths in 439 road accidents in Feb: RSF

At least 487 people were dead and 712 were injured in 439 road accidents throughout the country in February this year, according to a latest report, reports UNB.

The report by Road Safety Foundation (RSF), released on Wednesday, says that 96 people were killed in 183 motorcycle accidents across the country — 40.24% of the total deaths.

Among the dead, 54 were women and 68 children.

Sixteen people were dead and seven were injured in nine waterways accidents while at least 14 people were killed and five were injured in 17 railway accidents during the same period. RSF prepared the report based on nine national dailies, seven online news portals and electronic media information.

At least 108 pedestrians were killed in road accidents, which is 22.17 percent of the total deaths. Some 72 drivers and their assistants were killed, which is 14.78 percent of the total deaths.

According to RSF's observation and analysis, the highest number 168 (38.26%) of the accidents occurred on national highways, 177 (40.31%) on regional roads, 61 (13.89%) on rural roads and 29 (6.60%) on urban roads.

On the other hand, the highest 201 (45.78%) among the total accidents occurred due to losing control over the wheel, 68 (15.48%) due to collision, 112 accidents ( 25.51 percent) happened due to pushing or running over pedestrians, 47 incidents (10.70 percent ) involved hitting the rear side of vehicles and 11 (2. 50%) occurred due to other reasons.

Dhaka division had the highest number of accidents and deaths, with 24.84% of the deaths; Rajshahi division with 19.71% deaths; Chattogram division with 18.89%; while Khulna division with 9.85% deaths.