Thursday, 23 March, 2023

‘BonoBibi’ takes the audience back to nature

‘BonoBibi’ takes the audience back to nature

Coke Studio Bangla’s latest song ‘BonoBibi’ is a folk fusion featuring the noted music   band Meghdhol and Johura Baul. The music has been composed and produced by Meghdol. This is for the first time a Bangladeshi rock band has been part of a Coke Studio Bangla song.

‘BonoBibi’ is a visual journey that takes the audience back to the depths of nature. The song is inspired by the mythological character of BonoBibi, who is referred to as the guarding angel of forests. There is a legend in the coastal areas of the Sundarbans where people accept the unpredictability of mother nature in the form of BonoBibi.

The mood of the whole song maintains a mystic and spiritual tone, similar to what one would experience when they become one with nature. Meghdol provides the main vocals of the song and they have beautifully combined the enriched music of Bangladeshi rock band with the wisdom of ‘Khonar Bochon’ (Khona’s Parables).

 Khonar Bochon are the words, which for hundreds of years taught Bengalis the way of life bound to nature. On the other hand, Johura Baul’s performance brings the flavour of the rooted music to make for a soothing folk fusion.

The song utilises the sound of ‘dheki’ and ‘kula’ as musical instruments to add a unique natural melody. The sets of BonoBibi contained the art work of renowned Bangladeshi painter S.M Sultan, whose work reflected preserving nature.

Meghdol said, “This is one of those songs which makes you forget about the chaotic world. This song has the ability to make people feel closer to nature. Working with the versatile artistes of Coke Studio Bangla has been a refreshing experience”

In order to make the audience feel closer to the song, BonoBibi was launched at 1:00am. The unique timing was selected as the hour mirrors the calmness of the forest and ensures that the listeners are away from the chaos of their daily lives.

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, Music Producer of Coke Studio Bangla said, “BonoBibi is a song that celebrates nature, one that emphasis on being one with nature. Meghdol has created a brilliant fusion between our folk music and their own urban indie sound as a band using different elements such as words from Khonar Bochon and the myth of Bono Bibi and combining them with the bounty of rhythmic sounds we hear in nature, and that of the of dheki, and kula. The song beautifully captures imageries of rural Bengal and also transports us to a faraway forest, where we feel close to nature, musically as well as visually. We wanted to give our audiences a magical experience. We absolutely enjoyed working with Meghdol.”

BonoBibi is now available on the official YouTube & Spotify channel of Coke Studio Bangla.