Wednesday, 29 March, 2023

First song of Mahfuz, Bubly’s ‘Prohelika’ out

The first song of the film ‘Prohelika’ starring Mahfuz Ahmed and Shobnom Bubly was released on Bongo’s YouTube channel on Monday.  

After its release, the song titled ‘Megher Nouka’ is getting huge positive responses from the audience. Most of the netizens are expressing their fascination with the return of Mahfuz Ahmed on the screen. They also praised the chemistry between Mahfuz and Bubly. 

The song was shot in scenic locations of Sylhet, Chheradeep and Saint Martin Island.

The lyrics of the song have been written by Asif Iqbal while Imran Mahmudul has composed the music. Imran and Konal have lent their voice to the song.

About the song, Mahfuz Ahmed said, “People fall in love at first sight. I fell in love with ‘Megher Nouka’ ever since I heard it. It’s not just a song to me, it’s like a lover. Asif Iqbal has written amazing lyrics. And Imran, Konal have poured all their love into the song. Director Chayanika Chowdhury has made this romantic song beautifully. I’m grateful to everyone. Now I’m eagerly waiting to hear the reaction of the audience.” 

“We don’t often get such sweet tunes and lyrics in a film song. ‘Megher Nouka’ is my absolute favourite from the shoot. The song has just been released. Through this everyone will see the chemistry of me and Mahfuz Ahmed. As restless as the release of the movie is, I feel the same after the release of this song. I’m waiting for the audience’s feedback.”

Pantho Shahriar wrote the story and dialogues of the film ‘Prohelika’. The release date of the film will be announced soon.