Wednesday, 29 March, 2023

Permanent South Asian gallery at Manchester Museum

The gallery exhibits diverse histories and experiences of the South Asian diaspora, including Bangladesh

Permanent South Asian gallery at Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum has been reopened with support of British Museum on February 18. The  museum, which is a part of University of Manchester, UK, has created a permanent gallery for South Asia.

The gallery will exhibit diverse histories and experiences of the South Asian diaspora, including Bangladesh. 

The museum will also generate new ideas, events, performances, learning and public programmes. It will further encourage the younger generations to learn more about South Asian heritage and culture. Some of the key highlights of the museum includes a rickshaw imported from Bangladesh; a saree passed down during the time of partition, and a newly commissioned mural from British artists, The Singh Twins, presenting an emotional map of the South Asian diaspora experience.

The gallery has been uniquely co-curated by the South Asia Gallery Collective, a group of 30 inspiring individuals, including community leaders, educators, artists, historians, journalists and musicians. The story-led design of the gallery will reflect multiple voices and perspectives of South Asia through six overarching themes: Past & Present, Lived Environments, Science & Innovation, Sound, Music & Dance, British Asian, and Movement & Empire.

Nusrat Ahmed, a curator of South Asia Gallery said, “As a first-generation British-born South Asian, it is fascinating to be part of such a ground-breaking project. The co-curated South Asia Gallery envisages a collaborative, iterative space that will generate new perspectives and connections. We hope to engage other diaspora communities on its opening and support its continual evolution. This personalised approach humanises the gallery, telling stories about real people and their objects.