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Landless Mayna Rani living miserable with her daughter

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  • 28 February, 2023 12:00 AM
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Landless Mayna Rani  living miserable with her daughter

NILPHAMARI: An aged woman named as Mayna Rani has been passing a miserable life with her teenage daughter in shanty in absence of a house at Kanai Kata village of Palashbari UP under Nilphamari Sadar Upazila for years.

Recently visited at Mayna’s shanty of Kanai Kata village, the correspondent has found, Mayna Rani is a wife of Sree Pandit Roy of the village and a daughter named as Papy Rani, 13, in her family. She has been maintaining her livelihood by working hard. She has living in an unsafe room beside road with her teenage girl.

Beauty Begum, a neighbour of Mayna Rani told the correspondent, “Mayna Rani has been living in an unsafe house with critically from last 10 years. Her husband Pandit Roy goes away to leaves her, when she gave birth to a daughter”.

She added when it rains accompanied by strong and gusty winds, she and her daughter feel panic lest his worn-out house should raze to the ground. So she has tied her house with ropes to the nearby trees.

Sometimes, she along with her daughter has to sleep at night outside the house under a polythene tent.

Talking to this correspondent, Mayna said, “I am so unfortunate and unlucky in the world. I have none to help me but Allah in the world.”

She has no house to live in. No landed property too. Nor she gets any government allowance as a landless woman. Sometimes she gets relief rice. So she has to live amid pent-up feelings, silent sobs and cries, and much sorrows and sufferings.

While contact, Chairman of Palashbari Union Parishad Ibrahim Talukdar told the correspondent, “I have submitted certificates of landless to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Nilphamari. I don’t know about the matter of Mayna, why she didn’t get a house”.

Talking to Daily Sun, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Nilphamari Jesmin Nahar said, “If she is landless, she will be get a house from Ashrayan Project”.

However, Mayna has maintaining her livelihood with her daughter by working hard till now. They are being living in a worn-out house at road side of Kanaikata village. People of the area are being highly demanding a house from Ashrayan project for her.