Sunday, 26 March, 2023

Tiger census continues in Sundarbans

Tiger census continues in Sundarbans

KHULNA: Tiger census by using camera trapping method in the Sundarbans is going on in full swing.

Under the ‘Sundarbans Tiger Project’ the census was begun on January 1 last.

Aiming to get actual number of tigers, construction of high hillock for saving the wild life from the devastating storm and protect to come wild lives to the locality, the government has taken the project at a cost of Taka 36 crore, said Mihir Kumar Doe, Conservator of forest in Khulna, reports BSS.

This project comprising of counting tigers, construction of high hills for shelter of wild lives at the time of cyclone and flood, nylon fence to protect the entrance of wild animals into nearby locality.

The construction of nylon fencing will be started in next 23-24 fiscal years. The entrance of wild animals will be protected after completion of the construction, said Mihir Kumar Doe, the Conservator of forest of the Khulna Region.

Meanwhile, tigers have come close to 11 villages of Sharonkhola and Morelganj upazila under Bagerhat district as well as forest offices recently.

Forest officials and villagers stayed at their home fearing the attack of tigers.

Mentionable, the forest department is expected to publish the census result in March 2024.

According to the forest department, the census is being carried out by surveying the rivers and creeks and by looking for footprints of tigers.

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the Sundarbans West Division, and Project Director (PD) of the Tiger Conservation Project Dr Abu Naser Mohsin Hossain, told that around 484 cameras have been installed in the Sundarbans to capture pictures of tigers and other animals. They will later analyze the findings by using advanced technology, he said.

The forest officer said survey and camera trappings will be continued for the next three months.

Later, in November 2023, a similar survey will be conducted alongside capturing photographs.

“We will be able to announce the results by June to March in 2024,”he added.

According to the Forest Department, the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change approved a project titled ‘Sundarban Tiger Conservation Project’ on March 23 last year. The cost of the project was estimated at Tk 35 crore 93 lakh 80 thousand.

According to the last survey conducted in 2018, there are 114 tigers in the Sundarbans in Bangladesh portion, which was 106 in 2015 and 404 in 2004.