Thursday, 23 March, 2023

Batighar’s two plays at ‘Rajbari Theatre Fest’

Popular theatre troupe Batighar’s two much-acclaimed productions ‘Urnajal’ and ‘Monkey Trial’ will be staged at ‘Rajbari Theatre Festival’ will be held on February 9 to 12 at Rajbari district. Urnajal will be staged at 6:30pm tomorrow while Monkey Trial will be staged on February 11.

To mark the four decades of ‘Rajbari Theatre’, the troupe has organised a four day theatre festival at Azadi Maidat in the Rajbari city.          

Rajbari Theatre’s ‘Kobor’, Bahubachan Theatre’s (Pangsha) ‘Boitangshi’, Swadesh Theatre’s ‘Chandogrohon’,  Faridpur Theatre’s ‘Siren’ and Alternative Living Theatre’s (Kolakta) Long March will also be staged at the festival.