Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Likely WW III

Give peace a chance

We are living in a world in which tensions are increasing over Russia-Ukraine war which is approaching its one-year anniversary. The war has left unimaginable scars. It has made many children orphans, many parents childless, many women widows and many homes broken. But there is no end in sight to the fighting or the human sufferings. The costs of the war are unbearably high and the traumas keep a lasting impact on the victims. Despite the harsh reality, chances of further escalation of war and bloodshed keep growing. UN chief António Guterres fears the world is heading towards ‘wider war’ over the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He warned this in a speech that he delivered at UN general assembly in recent times. He stated that ‘chances of escalation and bloodshed are growing.’ In face of Russia’s escalating nuclear threats, fears about World War III are also growing.

Ukraine could be the first battlefield of WWIII. But there would be no winners in such a war. The destruction and loss of life would be so enormous that it would be quite unthinkable. It could spell the end of human civilisation. The Russia-Ukraine war must be ended before it spreads further.  The prospects for peace keep diminishing. The world community needs to wake up and get to work. It is time to bring both the conflicting countries to the negotiating table. Peace talks are possible if there is a political will to engage in them. However, every peace deal is a hard compromise. It needs to be acceptable for both sides. The world community has a role to convince the conflicting nations to sit for peace talks. The international community should be united to build pressure on them to come to the negotiating table.

The leadership of both the conflicting countries must stop the war for the sake of protecting the entire world from inevitable destruction. If each and every member of the world organisation fulfils its obligations under the UN charter, the right to peace will be guaranteed. It is time to transform our approach to peace by recommitting to the charter putting human rights and dignity first.