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A Tale of Overcoming Physical Challenge and Defying Difficulties

Md. Farooque Hossain

A Tale of Overcoming Physical Challenge and Defying Difficulties
Md. Farooque Hossain

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How time does fly! Fifteen springs have passed since I embarked on a maiden career as a trainee engineer with the Bangladesh chapter of Thakral Information Systems Private Ltd — a leading information technology product sales, service and solution provider. If one takes the average life expectancy into account, a span of fifteen years might not seem that short. It, however, never occurred to me that so many years have elapsed because I can still vividly remember, like things of yesterday, being both excited and nervous about the opportunity to interview for a position at the company.

At the interview, the then sagacious manager and now the DGM at the technical services wing Mr Reazul Islam made me feel at ease. He asked me about not only my qualifications, but also my interests and passions, which helped me to feel more comfortable and confident. Days after the interview, receiving an offer to join the technical services team as a trainee engineer, I was over the moon as it meant my dream of working at an esteemed establishment that I had heard great things about was finally becoming a reality.

Invariably, on every New Year’s Eve, we receive a greeting message full of hope, aspiration and inspiration from our benevolent and empathetic executive director Mr Basab P Bagchi. It was, however, slightly different this time around. This is because alongside notes of optimisms, the message had in it a note of reminder of the company’s 25 years’ of excellence of its service operations in Bangladesh along with the announcement of recognition of those who have stuck through thick and thin with the company for 10 years or more and helped its growth for what it is today. His encouraging message made me ruminate on the earlier days with the corporation for weeks to write down a few words on.

The writer, Md. Farooque Hossain, (Left) is being honoured by the management of Thakral Information Systems Pvt. Ltd

Before joining Thakral as a freshman, I had a 4-month internship and training program in Chattogram, apart from writing in various English and Bengali dailies and IT magazines. These, despite being a physically challenged person, helped me a great deal to find my bearings in a corporate setting. As I began my journey with the company, I was struck by its welcoming and supportive culture. Incredibly friendly and helpful were my coworkers, who were always willing to lend a hand and offer advice. They made me feel like part of the team from day one. The company's commitment to providing opportunities for growth and development was simply impressive. I was given some light but challenging tasks early on, which gradually pushed me to stretch my abilities and skills. My manager and colleagues provided me with guidance and feedback, and I could see myself growing and making progress with each passing day.

Over the last 15 years, I have seen many colleagues coming and leaving again. Some people might consider me lazy and not ambitious enough to look for something new. Nonetheless, my personal view is: as long as my job environment suits me, I enjoy doing my work, and feel challenged on a regular basis, I find no reason for not staying with the organization.

As one of the awardees for being a decade or more with the company on the trot, it makes me thrilled and honored to have received it in the year of its silver jubilee. Undoubtedly, the award is a testament to the relentless hard work and unfaltering dedication that I have put into my job over a decade and a half, and I am incredibly grateful to have been recognized for my contributions.

 As I reflect on my time at this company, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness and gratitude. Firstly, I would like to express my grateful thanks to the leadership team at Thakral for creating an environment where employees like me can thrive. The company's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and teamwork has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

I am also glad of the opportunities that the company has provided me. Throughout my 15-year stint here, I have been given the chance to take on new challenges, learn new skills and handle exceptional situations, and the trend is still going on.  The trust and support of my managers, especially cooperative and cordial Mr Edi Ameen, have been invaluable and I am thankful for their guidance and mentorship.

I would also like to extend thanks to my present colleagues, and the former ones who may come across this piece, for their camaraderie and support. The sense of freedom, teamwork and community at the company is highly special, and I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in the industry. Their affable nature and willingness to give me a hand have made my coming to work each day an enjoyable experience.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to the company as a whole, which has been resilient enough to go through one global recession and a full-blown pandemic to survive to tell a tale under the current leadership with the astute executive director Mr Basab P Bagchi at the helm. The company's values, mission, and vision align with mine, and I am proud to be associated with such a reputable firm that keeps making a positive impact on the lives and society through its service, support and solutions. As I look to the future, I am excited about the opportunity to carry on making significant contributions to the company, and go on growing and developing as a professional.


The writer is an IT Professional, Thakral

Information Systems Pvt. Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Email: [email protected]