Saturday, 1 April, 2023

Imran’s three new songs

Imran’s three new songs

Imran Mahmudul is one of the most popular singers at this time. He won the hearts of millions by his fabulous performance.   

The National Award-winning singer has lent his voice to three new songs recently. The songs are ‘Megher Nouka’, ‘Mon Moyuri’ and ‘Ekaki’.  ‘Megher Nouka’, ‘Mon Moyuri’ have already been released on YouTube.

Among the songs, ‘Megher Nouka’ has been written by Asif Iqbal while Imran has arranged the music of the track. The song has been used for Chayanika Chowdhury-directed Prohelika movie.

‘Mon Moyuri’ is a collected song. Shahriar Alam Marchel has composed the track while Dolan Mainak has written and tuned the song Ekaki. 

Singer Konal has lent her voice to the songs ‘Megher Nouka’ and ‘Mon Moyuri’ with Imran.

About the songs, Imran said, “The lyrics of the song ‘Megher Nouka’ is amazing. Asif Iqbal bhia has written the lyrics with utmost care. We have (Konal and Me) tried our level best to lent our voice to the song perfectly. The two other songs also very nice. I hope the audience will enjoy the song.” 

Imran is currently staying in London for stage shows.