Thursday, 30 March, 2023

Uncle Sam Is Nobody’s Friend

Anwar A. Khan

Uncle Sam Is Nobody’s Friend

The United States is nobody’s friend. Talks of allies, relationships, deals and friendships end where the US’s interests begin.

The US establishment views the world from the view point of Washington alone. The sensitivities of other friendly countries have never seemed to matter. For, the US interests are equivalent to that of the globe.

In 1971, they, in collusion with the brutal Pakistani Army, stood against our just cause to attain our own homeland – Bangladesh and we cannot and shall not forget their irremissible temerity under any setting.

If American establishment stops its meddling into the internal affairs of other independent and sovereign countries at their free-will, the writer of this piece strongly believes 95% violence, war, drone attack, destruction, killing, … across the world will dramatically come to an end (The rest 5% discommodes from the whole world will then automatically diminish).The whole world will be a peaceful and liveable place for people of all religions to live together.

For America, is one policy, but for other nations, the same thing they did or have not applied since the World War-2. America wants destruction of nuclear weapons of other sovereign and independent countries, but with regard to its own homeland and its nuclear bases in other countries, they have never pronounced any words. Rather, they are building up more and more nuclear establishments in their country and elsewhere of the world only to be the world’s village headman and to dictate other nations to comply and follow its directions only without raising any voice. America has 50 vassal states that are its ‘yes men’ only.

If one puts the state-centred perspective aside, one can realise that not a deal between certain governments but a strong bottom-up opposition first toward a nuclear programme of America is the only way to prevent further escalation in not only in Ukraine, Iran… but also in other countries.

The foreign diplomats stationed in Bangladesh under the leadership of US mission have been working against our freedom, against the sovereignty of our country. We will not tolerate this any longer. They must be declared ‘persona non-grata’ in Bangladesh.

Their immoral acts have created an impression that they are taking sides in the current so-called political situation.

America’s cry for its security system is at risk – is nothing but a befogged arrogating with a malefic blueprint to dictate other nations according to its own free-will. So, a structural change of the current American system must be built for the sake of the peaceful world order. But who can build it? It is the general American people. They can deter its administration from meddling into the internal affairs of other sovereign and independent nations. As many hats America has, it has to throw away all, but live with only one hat. And let other nations live in peace.

Joe Biden is nothing but one of the blathering dummies of the American-style corporate democracy at work. To fight Biden and his chums, one needs to fight their own domestic Biden.

In reality, stronger nations freed from rules of international engagement will be showing not their mutual respect, but their power and their demands. And that's exactly what's been happening under Biden and Washington administration.

The former Trump administration tore up the nuclear deal that President Obama signed with Iran. Biden has reinstated sanctions on Iran and then amped them again, barring it from selling oil and other products to the United States and other countries. Worse, he announced a suite of sanctions targeting other countries, many of them US allies that want to do business with Iran, disrespecting their sovereign decisions.

Moreover, Trump was wielding the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, a law that is meant to retaliate against Washington’s so-called foreign enemies in hostile situations, to threaten Mexico with sanctions. Trump proposed imposing a-5 percent tariff on all Mexican goods right off the bat, going up another 5 percent every month to a maximum of 25 percent until Mexico reduced the flow of fleeing Central American migrants to his satisfaction.

To this end, Mexico has agreed to expand their cooperation with Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy and warehouse even more migrants as their asylum petitions wend their way through America's broken and backlogged immigration system. The living conditions in these camps, often in the middle of towns, are of course abysmal. Food, water, and medical help are all in short supply and migrants live off handouts from poor locals.

Mexico has never really maintained a border police force. Although it is tight-fisted in handing out guest worker visas to its southern neighbours, its border with Guatemala has been a porous sieve that residents and commercial traffic from both sides travel through relatively unencumbered. Because of Trump's arm-twisting, Mexico has agreed to deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to enforce this border.

In short, Mexico is setting up detention camps, erecting checkpoints, expanding the police state, potentially militarising its border and generally turning itself into a fortress just to appease its superpower neighbour.

Trump's isolationist base loathed neocons because they tried to export American democracy—impose so-called a new world order at gunpoint. But Trump's America First-ism was forcing Mexico to turn itself into an extension of America's border police. It is becoming a buffer state to protect American sovereignty. If neocons wanted to turn other countries into America's protectorates, Trump wanted to turn them into America's protectors.

Over time, an America that plays by no rules except narrowly selfish ones will breed resentment and anger. It will certainly force a reordering of the world, but around an anti-American axis. Trump's sabre-rattling against Iran brought Russia and China closer together with both countries blaming the US for heightened tensions. It is unlikely it would keep acting against its interest indefinitely; especially as ordinary Mexicans inevitably lash back against gringo demands.

America is simply a euphemism for using America's power to impose America's will on weaker nations. Joe Biden supporters believe that it is some kinds of noble, live-and-let-live isolationism are just deluding themselves.

No country, person or organisation wants to be controlled by another entity, which is the reason that there were a few discords among groups or nations that co-existed before imperialism. Because America has obtained cheap labour and has easy access to natural resources from their colonies, there was a gap of differentiation between nations. Aside from that, foul play is becoming more obvious, and then gets worse while American imperialism continues.

American Imperialism is still present in several countries up to this day. With military bases in numerous places around the world, from Germany to Japan, it will require the US government to support all of these defensive forces.

Many opponents of this concept believe that the US government should have spent their own money on developing resources to eliminate dependence from other nations. With advancements in technology, the US could have eliminated most imports by producing their own technology.

The US is the only known country to have missiles with range to attack any target on earth. The world's first nuclear weapons explosion bechanced on July 16, 1945, in New Mexico, when America tested its first nuclear bomb. Not three weeks later, the world changed.

On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It killed or wounded nearly 130,000 people. Three days later, the United States bombed Nagasaki. Of the 286,000 people living there at the time of the blast, 74,000 were killed and another 75,000 sustained severe injuries. Japan agreed to an unconditional surrender on August 14, 1945; it also resulted in the end of World War II.

Now the question is: should America continue to expand to other nations to provide support or should it retract its naval and military bases and give the colonies a chance to stand on their own? In fact, the chance is absolutely essential for those colonies to up-rise on their own.

Over thirty countries have unmanned planes that are undetected by missile defence systems, and can carry nuclear, biological or other weapons of mass destruction. So, any war by Washington means official end of American imperialism. But we want peace, peace and peace only across the world, not America’s world village headlong-ness under any setting.


The writer is an independent political analyst who writes on politics, political and human-centred figures, current and international affairs