Thursday, 23 March, 2023

Hamid Mals’ new song ‘Pagla’ released

Singer Hamid Mals’ new song ‘Pagla’ has been released. Singer Surmy Roy has lent her voice to the song with Hamid Mals. Apart from singing, Hamid has also written the lyrics of the track while Raaz Heidoy has arranged the music of it.

The song is available on the YouTube channels of Hamid Mals and Rek Labib agency with music video. Hamid Mals, Pronome Nafi, Zerre Geniuss, Aanfi Sinha, Surmy Roy and others have performed in the song as models.

About the song, Hamid Mals said, “The song ‘Pagla’ is a Hip hop genre track. I’m getting huge positive response for the song. The video of the song also won the hearts of the audience. I express my gratitude to owner of Rek Labib Agency Labib bhai for this wonderful song.” 

Earlier, Hamid Mals earned huge acclamation for his song Chupi Chupi 2.0.