Thursday, 23 March, 2023

Get to grips with drug dealers

It is very much alarming that the number of women smugglers inside the country along with the bordering areas is increasing day by day. According to a report published in this daily yesterday, females are being used to smuggle different drugs, including yaba, heroin, hemp and phensedyl, into Bangladesh from neighbouring countries. Moreover, most drug dens in Dhaka are now allegedly being run by listed female drug smugglers. Around 100 female drug smugglers control the major part of the drug market as they can easily pass through police checkpoints, dodging the eyes of law enforcers. Since the godfathers are out of reach, the smugglers come out through the loopholes and again get involved in the smuggling by the directives of their godfathers.

Ruining the future of a large portion of the young generation, widespread drug abuse has turned into a serious problem in recent years as new types of drugs are reportedly imported into the country, targeting youngsters of well-off family backgrounds and students reading at different levels, especially college and university students. Though drug users and some field-level traders are detained sometimes, the big fishes of the narcotics business can easily escape the long arm of laws and are running their business in full swing, even expanding the market gradually, despite the government’s zero-tolerance policy against drug abuse.

To protect the nation from the dangerous catastrophe of the drug, bringing the big fishes to book aiming to stop imports of lethal drugs is as crucial as destroying the supply chain of drugs by napping the suppliers and consumers. It would be very difficult to restrict the consumers only from taking drugs, keeping the flow of narcotics uninterrupted.

The authorities concerned, therefore, must shut the door on narcotics import, no matter whatever be the case and whatever facade the culprits maintain. If necessary, the law enforcement agencies must add improved surveillance equipment to their armoury, so that none can fake them out. All-out effort is a must to save the nation from drug menace and closing the way of importing drugs is surely placed in the front row.