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Messi appreciates Bangladeshi fans’ support for Argentina

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  • 4 February, 2023 12:00 AM
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The football frenzy people in Bangladesh showed their crazy and unbridled support towards the Argentina National Football Team during their 28-day campaign at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year. Their dynamic support for the Albicelestes received huge recognition in international media all over the world.
Even the world’s governing body FIFA, Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni also appreciated the Bangladesh people’s support for football and Argentina.

The unbridled love from the Bangladesh fan base also touched Argentine maestro Lionel Messi’s heart. Messi, one of the greatest players of all time, said in an Interview with Buenos Aires-based national daily ‘Dario Ole’ on Friday that he had seen it just before the final and admitted that he was overwhelmed by his Bangladeshi fans.
 “Yes, yes, I saw. T-shirts everywhere, as Sofi (Martinez) told me in the note before the final. Seeing shirts of people around the world of Argentina's 10, Messi, is something very nice. Everywhere,” Messi said while journalists Mariano Dayan and Hernan Claus asked him if he witnessed the madness of his Bangladeshi fans.
 “Even in the World Cup we saw a lot more, people also infected foreigners to join Argentina because of how they cheered, because of how they filled the stadiums in all the games, the hit (by “Muchachos”) was contagious,” the Argentine superstar also added.
 The Argentine skipper further commented on their world cup journey, retirement, the celebration against the Netherlands and other interesting topics throughout the interview.
 “There was a lot of confidence because of where we came from, from two titles. Even the loss against Saudi Arabia did us well. We had too much confidence that we knew that we were going to play against whoever we played, we were going to stand equally and that we could beat anyone. The hit against Saudi Arabia did us good,” he said on their defeat to Saudi Arabia.
 “I believe we played a great match. It wasn’t the first match that we played that way, but to be a World Cup final against France, it has to be that much more important. But it’s not something that surprises us because we knew that we were capable of that and we had done it in other matches. In many, we had played that way but it did not have the significance of a World Cup final,” he commented on the match against France in the final.
 While asking why wanted them to be champions, he replied, “Sincerely, I don’t know the reason. Thinking a little bit about why I think it’s because the people saw everything I fought for to try and reach this goal. I believe that for a lot of people, it seemed unfair what I had lived with the Argentina national team. Not in terms of results but in terms of what was claimed, the journalists who killed me. And I believe that the people that love me and love to see me do well, always enjoy it when I try. And thanks to God it’s many.”
 He lifted the trophy at 35-year old while asking about his feelings, he said: “That’s why I said that it happens towards the end is crazy. Had it happened before, it would have been good too, obviously. But then you have your entire career left. For me, my career practically ends with that and I don’t think there is a better finishing touch than that.”
 “I kept everything from the final. The boots and the shirts. It’s all with the AFA and in March, I’ll bring everything to Barcelona where I keep my things and souvenirs,” the superstar added.
 “I don’t know how to explain in words what I felt at that moment. Seeing the Cup there, I had not thought of that reaction. It was to see her and go because she was so close, it came from inside me to approach her, touch her, kiss her. And it was an enormous emotion to be able to say that's it, we can grab, play. She left without thinking because he had not seen her before going upstairs. It was in passing that I saw her,” he replied while asking about the moment of kissing the Cup.
 While asking about his possibility of playing in Copa America and World Cup 2026, he commented, “I don’t know, I have always said that for my age, it appears very difficult that I get to it. I like to play football, I love what I do and as long as I’m good and feel fit and continue to enjoy it, I’m going to do it. But it seems like a lot until the next World Cup.”
 “I’m not getting ahead of anything. But it is what I repeat and I will repeat. Due to age and time, it seems to me that it is difficult. But it depends on how my career goes. I’m going to be 36, I am going to see where my career is going, what I am going to do and it depends on many things,” he added.
 He also disclosed the history of Topo Gigio (the celebration against the Netherlands) and “andá pa’alla”.
 “I had seen what Van Gaal said before the game and a teammate had shown it to me. And the truth is that it bothered me, it bothered me because I never disrespect anyone, coaches or players. I never talk about anyone, much less before a game. It bothered me because I had spoken with great respect for him. I didn’t like it and that came out at the moment,” he said about the Topo Gigio celebration.  
“I saw it, I saw it (everyone uses andá pa'alla. Even Tennis star Djokovic also.) Yes, yes, now the boys (his kids) sometimes load me with that. And when something happens or they fight among themselves or have a party, they throw it away. But I said that the truth is that it was a hot moment and today after what happened, I didn't like seeing myself that way either,” he shared his feeling on “andá pa’alla”.
 About PSG and Mbappe, he said, “It was nice to have the recognition of all the people who work there with us and of my colleagues from Paris. After the match, we (Messi and Mbappe) talked about the game, the festivities, how people had lived in Argentina in those days that I had been on vacation and the festivities we had. And nothing, nothing more, but good, really good,” he concluded.