Thursday, 23 March, 2023

Farhana Mili, Arfan in ‘Blood Connection’

Farhana Mili, Arfan in ‘Blood Connection’
A scene from the drama ‘Blood Connection’

Popular small screen actors Farhana Mili and Arfan Ahmed will be seen in a new drama titled ‘Blood Connection’.

Written by Sajibur Rahman Pintu, the play has been directed by SI Sohel. The shooting of the project has been completed recently.

The drama also stars Rosey Siddiqui, Athena Adhikari, Bappi Ashraf, Mahfuz and Pintu.

The story of ‘Blood Connection’ revolves around married couple Asif and Rima. They have everything except one thing. The couple has no children. Rima has lost the ability to be a mother after several miscarriages.

Amid this situation, Asif got a test tube baby. And because of this Rima started to hate Asif. Their marital life gets complicated. Then the story of the drama continues…

The director said that ‘Blood Connection’ will soon be aired on a private television channel.