Tuesday, 21 March, 2023

Google brings AI-powered music tool

Scitech Report

Google has developed an artificial intelligence-powered music tool - MusicLM that can instantly create music based on a text-based query in no time.

What’s even more interesting is the AI can even read images and its description to create music that syncs with the picture. It can instantly create music in any genre just like an experience music producer could do, reports

However, unlike a human producer, who would be familiar with just a couple of instruments and music forms, Google’s MusicLM can create short, medium, and long-form music in almost any genre.

This includes but is not limited to relaxing jazz, melody techno, bella-ciao in humming form, whistle form, Capella chorus form, and generation of music from an art description.

It supports all the major music genres across the world, which includes 8-bit, big beat, British indie rock, folk, reggae, hip hop, and Peruvian punk. Google has even shared the bits of music from all these genres that are generated by MusicLM.

While it can create music like a beginner music producer, it can also create music just like a professional too. Again, all you have to do is specify your requirements in the text description to help MusicLM produce the exact style of music or tune that you are looking for. In the same context, it can also produce a variety of music, offering a lot of options to the user.

Right now, there is no option to test MusicLM. While you can look at the select music generated using MusicLM on Github, Google will soon release MusicCaps, which will have over 5500 music text pairs generated using descriptions from professionals.