Thursday, 23 March, 2023

With the Wind

Revisiting Past Wounds

Tulip Chowdhury

Revisiting Past Wounds
Tulip Chowdhury

For most of us, life comes with some traumatic experiences, small or big. In other words, sorrow is a part of our lives, and our sadness becomes a part of daily life in the memories. On our part, we may say that no one should have to face physical or emotional experiences that linger and cause health problems. The dilemma is living with haunting memories and the ability to navigate through daily strife. It is essential to understand that when we keep painful experiences bottled inside, they cause health issues.

When troubles come, we are faced with walls that seem to be waiting to block our Earthly time. When threatened with life-changing situations, things that remain to bring one down, the choices are either to drown or to find a way to keep breathing. There is no benefit in fuming and crying over sad things that led one thing to another and gradually came down like lightning. Accepting the situation and moving forward along the curves might lead to the end of the tunnel where the lights usually find us. Humans make decisions that lead to unwanted results, and that happens because the future is a veiled timeframe, and we cannot fit into the puzzle. If life is playing its misery dice, we must be in the game and find a way to keep us going, including dealing with the memories that will be forever there.

Everyone one of us reacts differently to life happenings. For some people, the first reaction in a bad situation is often to find a fault or blame someone who might have had a small role in the initial moments. And some people take it all on themselves- the guilt eating them inside. People with low self-esteem tend to play the blame game on others and feel good about the helplessness it created. However, being vulnerable creatures, we may sink into low self in certain situations and be caught off guard. Rozina, a single mother of two, says, "Who would have thought that my going on a study tour for a month would have my husband go to another woman? Who is to blame here, my husband's needs, my work needs, or the other woman who, despite knowing that he is married, decided to take the man? The problem is not what happened but how to find my peace now."

Revisiting old wounds is a serious health concern when one takes trauma lightly. Childhood trauma, an abusive parent or caregiver can lead to lifelong feelings of insecurity or depression when left untreated. Sometimes we tend to procrastinate on help- thinking we will get over it. Not everyone comes out of a problematic situation in similar ways- how one experiences physical or emotional threats in life can lead to trauma. Some of us face Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other health issues. We are on the peaceful ground with ourselves and those around us when able to navigate difficult situations without lingering stress over traumatic cases. It takes mental strength, determination, and willingness to get through the rough patches. After a traumatic experience, it's okay to feel shaken, numb, or intense. Those are the coping systems of our emotions. However, there is a need for help from health experts when feelings are overwhelming, and we are reacting in undesirable ways.

When past wounds haunt us and make us bleed in the soul, it's good to talk with loved ones and have them out. Friends and family often are good emotional support since they are familiar with the grounds we walk on. When that doesn't help, reach out to health experts for effective intervention. A good diet and physical exercise help us sail through the ups and downs of the day. They listen to music or play an instrument for healing the mind and soul. As always, nothing like a good time filled with laughter and love with the near and dear ones working like magic potions to help cope with life's curve balls.

Trust me - we all have highs and lows in our life, and they don't have to bring us down-looking for something good, somehow out, is usually the clue to opening many doors and windows that wait to be opened in the coming times. As the well-known writer says, "What happens when people open their hearts? They get better." Life is evolving with time and tide - keep moving - emotionally and physically. But don't hesitate to ask for help when needed. We are all headed in one direction where the wheel of eternity is concerned, to the future. The saying, "Always forward, never backward," holds credence to most situations in life, just don't be afraid to open new doors.


Tulip Chowdhury writes from

Massachusetts, USA