Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Al Hadi’s new poetry book ‘Purbo Prithibir Alo’ published

Poet Abdullah Al Hadi’s new poetry book ‘Purbo Prithibir Alo’- Eastern Earth’s Light has been published recently ahead of the Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2023.

The colour of the earth comes out when the earth is twisted tightly like a washed cloth. The fog forest is visible from a distance. The birdsong sounds pure in the dim morning. The ancient literature of a man past his youth is close to the new. This is what Azad Nishith Sumedha, a graduate student of Dhaka University’s Bengali department, said about Al Hadi’s new poetry book.

‘Purbo Prithibir Alo’ has been dedicated to Shaheed child Sheikh Russel on August 15. ‘Purbo Prithibir Alo’ will be available at Ekushey Book Fair -2023 and on Rokomari. com.

Al Hadi previously published ten poetry books, including ‘Srabon Onubhuti-1’, ‘Srabon Onubhuti-2’, ‘Srabon Onubhuti-3’ and ‘Protibeshi Somoy.