Sunday, 26 March, 2023

Theatre Moncho’s ‘Ghor Jamai’ at Mahila Samity today

Theatre Moncho’s ‘Ghor Jamai’ at Mahila Samity today

Drama troupe Dhaka Theatre Moncho will stage the 362nd show of its play ‘Ghor Jamai’ at Bangladesh Mahila Samity auditorium in the capital today at 7:00pm.

The play is an adaptation of French playwright Molière’s comedy ‘George Dandin ou le Mari Confondu’. Golam Sarwar has adapted and directed the play.

The play revolves around Solaiman Ali Mandal, an educated young man, who marries a woman named Rehana from elite class society. Solaiman has to endure all the extravagant whims and fancies of his wife after marriage.

This play has a comedy of manners that showcases the follies and vices of the elite class.

Head of Dhaka Theatre Moncho Gazi Nurul Huda Babu said, “Molière’s drama ‘Ghor Jamai’ is not just a comedy, but its main goal is to highlight the beautiful side of life, which makes life dynamic and intellectual. Moreover, the 362nd show of the play is not an easy matter; we have had to struggle to come this far. We are endlessly grateful to the audience.”