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DCs asked to play due role in holding free, fair polls

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 27 January, 2023 12:00 AM
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DCs asked to play due role in holding free, fair polls

The government has directed deputy commissioners (DCs) to play their roles properly so that the next national election can be held in a free and fair manner.

Several ministers gave the directive at their meetings with the DCs on the last day of the three-day DC Conference at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Thursday.

While exchanging views with the DCs, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan asked them to prepare themselves so that they can play their roles properly in the next general election.

“We’ve told the DCs that the people of the country want fair and acceptable elections. The whole world is watching. Your role will be important for a fair election. Prepare yourselves for that,” he told reporters after his meeting with the DCs.

He also said that law enforcement agencies are now very efficient and experienced, and they deal with various crises with their experience and expertise.

So, they can handle any situation with their experience and their skills which are required during the elections, he added.

The DCs have been instructed that the administration and law enforcement agencies should work together for fair elections, the home minister said.

“At that time, we will have nothing to do. The ministry will only do routine work. The Election Commission will be in charge. Security forces will be entrusted to them.”

He mentioned that Police, BGB, Coast Guard and Ansar members all will be under the Election Commission.

“That’s why I told the DCs, you should be prepared in such a way that you can present a free and fair election,” he added.

                Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud has warned deputy commissioners (DCs) about unregistered online, IPTV and YouTube channels at the district level.

The information minister said that there are many unregistered online portals, IPTV and YouTube channels at the district level. They often spread rumours and misinformation. These are challenges.

He informed journalists after the discussion about his ministry was held on the last day of the DC Conference.

The DCs have been informed that 12 IP TVs have been registered, said the information minister.

Apart from this, more than 170 online portals and more than 170 more newspaper online portals and 15 to 16 TV online portals have been registered. The rest are unregistered, he said.

The information minister said the DCs have been told that some of the rest (unregistered) are trying to create chaos in the society by creating confusion, rumours, and false news. It has been asked to inform so that action can be taken regarding them. At the same time, it has been said that the administration should immediately disclose true information.

Law Minister Anisul Huq said there is no scope for harassment under the Digital Security Act as before as actions are now taken after verification through cell.

“A committee has been formed to correct some issues. The committee will take the initiative to correct if necessary,” he said while talking to journalists after a meeting with the DCs.

The law minister said the data protection law is being formulated with the opinions from stakeholders.

At the meeting, Anisul Huq said 30 per cent of public prosecutors (PP) and government pleaders (GP) will be appointed permanently. The recruitment process will be conducted through the Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission.

“The remaining 70 per cent of the appointments will be made politically,” he said.

The salary of PP and GPs is going to be increased and Tk 267 crore has been asked for this, he added.

However, he did not say the specific time when the permanent recruitment process will start or the salary will be increased.

Apart from this, the DCs have been asked to reduce the backlog of cases, he added.