Thursday, 9 February, 2023

Role of parents in child development

Role of parents in child development

Every child born in this world has the right to live and develop as a worthy citizen. He/she must be developed with some positive qualities to help him/her grow in sound health and positive mentality for turning him/her as a human resource.  Promoting child development through parental training, among other factors, is essential for the purpose. Parents play a major role in socialisation and proper development of a child. Parents can bring stability to a child's life which accelerates his/her healthy development. Another influential factor in children's development is the quality of their care. Child-care programmes may be beneficial for childhood development such as acquiring a child’s learning capabilities and social skills. The optimal development of children is considered vital to society and it is important to understand the social, cognitive, emotional, and educational development of children. Increased research and interest in this field has resulted in new theories and strategies, with specific regard to practice that promotes development within the school system. Some theories seek to describe a sequence of states that compose child development.

Parents have responsibilities to help grow their child at the very beginning at home. There is a proverb that charity begins at home. Children will learn discipline in every step of life as in the family movement, education, behaviour, health, moral ethics and other qualities with social activity. Parents can teach discipline of their child at the very beginning of his/her life. The reason is that discipline has a link with development. A home cannot be a real home, a society cannot be a peaceful society and a nation cannot be a strong and progressive one without discipline. Parents can advise and teach their children how to live a healthy living by pursuing games and sports and other practices like timely study by preparing a routine at home. They should be well-aware about the about value of time, physical exercise, necessity of cleanliness, good food habits, balance diet, importance of reading newspapers, consciousness about environment and make best use of digital technology like mobile phone and television etc.

Parents can successfully motivate their children about ill effects of drug addiction, pornography, bad company, militancy and other social evils. They can also teach them about truthfulness, honesty, help them to be industrious and learn the benefits of hard working in life. The development story, success story of home and abroad can be highlighted in front of them to encourage them to move forward towards the path of self-reliance and self-thinking. Parents may be mentor, coach and consultants of their children by guiding them to pursue the child development activities. Parents can help their children in career planning, job seeking process and other activities of life. They can play active role to help their childrn learn multiple languages, deliver speeches, reading and writing habits and participate in debating in schools and colleges. They should teach their wards how to make budget. They should teach them subjects like accounting, finance, investment, savings, capital formation and can also motivate to learn digital literacy, taking of extra-curriculum activities.  Today’s children are our future. They are our future leaders who will have to be equipped with the skills of leading the society as well as our country. They will play a vital role at home and abroad both economically and politically. So, it is our duty and responsibility to make our children grow as worthy citizens of the country.

Early childhood offers a critical window of opportunity to shape the trajectory of a child’s holistic development and build a foundation for his/her future. For children to achieve their full potential, as is their human right, they need healthcare and nutrition, protection from harm and a sense of security, opportunities for early learning, and responsive care-giving like free talking, singing and playing with parents and caregivers who love them. All of this is needed to nourish developing brains and fuel growing bodies. Our children’s nursing at the very early stage is very necessary. If they are grown throw proper guidance of our parents, they will be able to shine in their life and will be able to play a good role in home and abroad.


Md Muzibur Rahman writes on development and economic issues