Thursday, 9 February, 2023

Sick Alamgir Kabir spending days in bed

The lyricist of 11,000 songs needs financial support for better treatment

Sick Alamgir Kabir spending days in bed

Alamgir Kabir is the lyricist of many popular songs of Bengali films, including ‘Chokher Jole Ami Bhese Cholechi’, ‘Khoda, Tomar Ai Duniya’, ‘Tumi Dub Diyo Na Jole Konnya’, ‘Matir Kole Khanti Manosh Khunje Pawa Dai’.

Noted singers like Syed Abdul Hadi, Andrew Kishore, Sabina Yasmin, Rathindranath Roy, Dilruba Khan, Subir Nandi have lent their voices to  Alamgir-written songs. 

Alamgir Kabir has written over 11,000 songs for films, patriotic, modern and Islamic. He wrote songs for films like ‘Jhinuk Mala’, ‘Matir Kole’, ‘Miya Bhai’, ‘Shimul Parul’, ‘Bhai Amar Bhai’, ‘Kohinoor’ and others.  Besides, he is the lyricist of a music album about Bangabandhu titled ‘Raja Tumi Ghumiye Acho’. 

About 15 years ago, the lyricist left the capital with his wife and children and started living at a village in Patharghata Upazila of Barguna. He is now spending days in ill health in bed.  According to his family members, his treatment is not going properly due to lack of money.

Alamgir Kabir’s wife, Shahnaz Begum is taking care of her sick husband. She spoke about her husband’s plight. 

Alamgir Kabir’s daughter Tafannum Subaita also told the media, “My father was once a famous lyricist. But the state could not guarantee his minimum standard of living. He is bedridden for a long time due to illness. But no one from the media industry communicates with him. My father needs financial support for proper treatment.”