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BNP ‘faction’ plans to join next JS polls

  • Mohammad Al Amin
  • 15 January, 2023 12:00 AM
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BNP ‘faction’ plans to join next JS polls

A group of BNP leaders have taken move to participate in the 2024 national election though the opposition party has repeatedly announced that they will not join any polls under a partisan government.

Such leaders have started activities to draw support from other BNP leaders, activists and supporters, party insiders said.

Very few leaders of BNP are trying to break the party’s chain of command and are making efforts to contest the next parliamentary election under Awami League, said a senior leader wishing not to be named.

He further said the party’s high command is monitoring activities of the BNP group and is also working to foil their move.

“I think none of our party will participate in the next national election if it is held under the party (Awam League) in power,” BNP Vice-chairman Mohammad Shahjahan told the Daily Sun.

BNP sources said the party’s high command are alert to the activities of Abdus Satter who is going to contest the Brahmanbaria-2 by-polls as an independent candidate, violating the party decision.

Abdus Satter, the immediate-past Member of Parliament of BNP along with other lawmakers, resigned in December following the party decision. Then he collected nomination form to contest the by-polls and resigned from the party. The party has also expelled him from its membership.

BNP is now closely monitoring the party leaders and analysing the possible revolt of the party men ahead of the next parliamentary polls, the party sources said.

“BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman is monitoring this situation and has appointed several leaders to keep watch on the suspicious activities of the party group. He got information that some leaders are maintaining secret entente with Awami League,” another central leader said.

BNP insiders said the suspected group of the party leaders comprising of two vice-chairmen, three members of chairperson’s advisory council, one joint secretary and other central and district leaders and former MPs secretly hold meetings and try to increase the number of their supporters.    Some leaders of professional bodies loyal to BNP and few leaders of other like-minded political parties are also working in the group to create a different polarisation, skipping the party’s main stream.

In recent development, the BNP group has become desperate to take control of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal and also try to convince Tarique Rahman to dissolve the existing committee of the organisation.

Tarique has appointed some leaders to monitor the situation and take necessary steps in this regard and appointed former JCD leader Rakibul Islam Bokul as student affairs secretary of the party, the party sources said.

BNP sources said the party standing committee in its meeting held on Thursday night came down heavily on some suspicious activities of party’s Dhaka north city unit convener Amanullah Aman. They are annoyed with Aman for delivering ‘silly’ speeches that puts the party in trouble.

In this situation, BNP sources said the party feared that a group of the party leaders and few of its allies may join the next general election under the party in power in a bid to make their personal gains.

BNP has placed its 10-point demands, including resignation of the incumbent government and holding of the next parliamentary polls under a caretaker government. It has started movement to realise their demands simultaneously with other opposition parties.

They also declared that it will not participate in the next parliamentary elections under the partisan government and if anyone joins the polls defying the decision, they will be branded as ‘betrayers’.

A few leaders of BNP reached an understanding with the third party in 2020 and got involved in anti-government movement without informing the party high command, but their plan was ‘foiled’ as the party high command came to know about it later and took action promptly.

And that group has become active again this time and held several secret meetings in home and abroad in an effort to reorganise a group of the party men ahead of the next polls minusing Tarique Rahman.

BNP several times served show-cause notices on some central leaders, including vice-chairmen Hafijuddin Ahmed, Shaukat Mahmud and international affairs secretary ANM Ehsanul Haque Milon, and warned some other leaders of their involvement in activities in violation of the party’s chain of command.