Monday, 6 February, 2023

Complete list of FFs still a far cry!

Freedom Fighters (FFs) are the greatest sons of the soil. In 1971, they fought for the country’s independence risking their valuable lives. The entire population of the country is indebted to them for their supreme sacrifices and bravery. They deserve due respect from every member in society. But, unfortunately, they are allegedly neglected in all spheres of society. However, the incumbent government has taken an initiative to provide various facilities to them, including monthly allowances, festival bonuses, and job and education quota. But because of lack of a full list of FFs, certain vested quarters enjoy the official facilities impersonating the greatest sons of the soil. Believe it or not, a good number of most senior members of the administration also faked documents in a bid to claim the allowance of FFs.

Unfortunately, we have never received a final list of them as yet. With every new government in power, efforts were made to finalise the FFs' list, only to be told by a new regime that the old list was not accurate. And every time there was increase in their numbers. There are allegations against ruling quarters for manipulating and falsifying the list. Each time, the number of freedom fighters increased as the government included candidates of their choice and deleted those they disliked. Besides, many genuine freedom fighters are not even interested in being included in the list or they never got the opportunity to do so. It is a shame for the entire nation as it has measurably failed to compile a complete and accurate list of genuine FFs even 52 years after the country’s independence.

If the publication of the correct list of FFs is delayed further, the list will carry little meaning as most of them will, meanwhile, be dead. The failure amounts to the betrayal of the martyrs as it leaves unrecognised ones who deserve state recognition for their sacrifice and courage.  As a nation, it is our solemn duty to pay back the debt we owe to the valiant FFs. Therefore, we hope to get their final list within the shortest possible time.