Saturday, 25 March, 2023

Afzal Hossain stars in new film ‘One Eleven’

Prominent actor Afzal Hossain has signed a new film titled ‘One Eleven’. The thriller film will be directed by Kamrul Islam Refat.

Based on the story of Humayun Kabir Biswas, the dialogues of the movie have been written by Mozaffar Hossain. The screenplay of the film has been revised and edited by Nurul Alam Atique and Matia Banu Shuku.

There will be different characters such as- heroes, villains, police, detectives, writers; journalists will be seen in ‘One Eleven’. They will find out the answer to some questions regarding a crime.

According to the director, the rest of the cast will be announced soon. The shooting of the film is likely to begin by the middle of this year.

Besides ‘One Eleven’ Afzal Hossain will also be seen in the film ‘Japito Jibon’ directed by Habibul Islam Habib. The movie is based on prominent writer Selina Hossain’s novel in the same title. The story of ‘Japito Jibon’ is based on the Partition of Bengal in 1947 and the Language Movement in 1952.