Monday, 6 February, 2023

Telefilm ‘Jimmadar’ on Channel i today

Popular small screen actors AKM Hasan and Nadia Ahmed starrer telefilm ‘Jimmadar’ will be aired on Channel i at 3:05pm today.

 Written by Rajib Moni Das and directed by Farid Hossain, ‘Jimmadar’ also stars Abdullah Rana, Imila Haque, Abid Rehan, Nithor Mahbub, Ahmed Saju, Clinton Rosario, AB Rashid and others.

 ‘Jimmadar’ tells the story of Pavel, who is a simple village boy. He cannot help but come forward when he sees people’s suffering. A villager named Biplob falls into trouble and he needs a lot of money. He asks for help from a village member. The member stipulates that Biplob needs a guarantor to take money from him. Biplob asks many to be the guarantor for money, but no one agrees. Pavel agrees to be the Biplob’s guarantor. Then the story of the drama continues….