Wednesday, 1 February, 2023

Neuro-marketing: Where Science Meets Marketing

Md Ashraful Islam

Neuro-marketing: Where Science Meets Marketing

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Science is the study which includes lots of experiment, observation and exploration. On the other hand business deals with money. Neuro–marketing is a concept where this science and business meets together.

Neuro comes from Neurology. It is the scientific study of nervous system. On the other hand marketing is one of the functions of business. Marketing basically explains the promotion, sales and advertising. The main objective of marketing is to let people know about the product/service. Basically, neuro–marketing evolves for the sake of marketing to accelerate the business. In the world of digitalisation, the market is getting competitive. Consumers are now more knowledgeable than before because of the technological advancement. Marketers generally get to know about consumer behaviour by face to face interaction, questionnaire, interview and so on. These things bother consumers. The less you bother your consumer, better for you to carry a good image. But without bothering you can’t let them know about your product/service. Here comes the solution “Neuro–marketing.”

It basically gives you the chance to explore your consumer’s subconscious mind. Most of the buying decisions come when the potential consumer is in his/her subconscious mind. To know about their subconscious mind more neuro–marketing is the best tool which is suggested by many of the researcher. There are some neuroscience tools by which one can record the brain’s electrical and metabolic activity. But this is a matter of ethical issue. If marketer can use this Neuro – Marketing strategy in an ethical way then it will be a win-win situation for both the consumers and the company.

To implement neuro–marketing, a brand should have a good brand image with credibility so that it triggers to consumer’s mind in a positive way which it leads to potential sales. Besides, integrated marketing communication says the emotional appeal of an advertisement should exist in the first portion or last portion of the advertisement which is short and simple. Basically, the motive is to make your potential consumers comfortable--the way they want. The main message of an advertisement is most effective when it exists in the last or first part of advertisement, researches said. Moreover, message strategy should follow the way the consumer wants to perceive. Emotional message strategy works better because when a targeted consumer watches an advertisement with emotional appeal that instantly triggers that consumer’s mind. A best example for this is Grameenphone’s “Shopno Jabe Bari” advertisement. All over this is high time to implement neuro– marketing strategy in the field of marketing to sustain in the future world.


The writer is a freelance contributor