Saturday, 25 March, 2023

No scope of tolerance to Jamaat

Jamaat-e-Islami is an anti-independence party. In the past, it did not recognise our Liberation War. Nor does it recognise it now, even after 52 years of our existence as an independent country. What we call as our glorious War of Liberation, this party terms it merely as a civil war. Despite the fact, Jamaat has been enjoying full political freedom in this country. But, in name of politics, it always carried out hooliganism and vandalism. The memory of the arson violence of Jamaat in 2013-14 is ever-fresh in the hearts of the country’s peace-loving people. However, after a pause for a while, it has again raised its ugly face. A three-column story published yesterday on the back page of the Daily Sun read: “Jamaat activists start unleashing violence.”

Quoting detective sources, the report said that Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir are resorting to violence as part of their ill-motive to destabilise the country. They are doing so under the guise of BNP’s anti-government programmes. Even they did not bother to take permission from police to take to the streets. Defying the rule, they took part in processions in many places of the country and locked in sporadic clashes with the law enforcers. It is, no doubt, an ominous sign in the New Year. Law enforcers should keep a watchful eye on this religion-based party. Just when Bangladesh is emerging as a developing country in South Asia, Jamaat has begun playing its dirty politics of anarchism. In an attempt to impede the rapid advancement of the country, it is trying to make arson attacks, vandalism and heinous crimes.

The fake Islamist party is attempting to create terrorism and anarchy all over. Law enforcers should consider it a moral duty and responsibility to foil the conspiracy of the evil force. Hence, they should take a tougher stance to prevent this force in order to continue the country's democratic progress and secure their own future. They should not tolerate any untoward situation centring the political programmes of the major opposition party. They must remain ever-alert so that vested interests cannot get a chance to carry out acts of sabotage.