Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Babu’s ‘Indubala Returns’

Babu’s ‘Indubala Returns’

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Popular actor and singer Fazlur Rahman Babu created a sensation by singing a song titled ‘Indubala’ few years back. The song won the hearts of music lovers. Now, Babu has come up with the sequel of the song ‘Indubala Returns’.

 The lyrics, tune and music of the track have been done by Plabon Koreshi. MH Rizvi has directed the music video of ‘Indubala Returns’, featuring Rizvi himself and Pushpa as models. 

Few lyrics of the song are “Indubala, Kare dila Sokol Malikana, Ek Batashe Bachi, Tobu Holo Na Ta Jana”.

Fazlur Rahman Babu said, “The lyrics of ‘Indubala Returns’ are very nice. I hope this song and its music video will make a place in the hearts of the audience. The audience will judge the rest.”

‘Indubala Returns’ was released on the YouTube channel of Sangeeta Music on Monday.