Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Metrorail: Another feather in the cap

Metrorail: Another feather in the cap

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With the inauguration of the first-ever Metrorail service in the country, Bangladesh has entered a new era of electric public transport. In a city like Dhaka, which is ever-known for traffic jams, this modern technology-based fast communication system has come as a boon for the denizens who are used to spending hours every day on roads. To offer people a huge respite from severe traffic congestion, the government is set to thrust Bangladesh into a new chapter of urban transport, a new experience for Dhaka commuters. The metro rail is expected to discipline the transport system, which will be an inclusive one.

The incumbent government deserves special thanks for taking prudent policies and initiatives to make ours a developed country as per Vision 2041. Sheikh Hasina-led government has undertaken many mega projects announcing the ability of the people of Bangladesh. Construction work of the Padma Bridge, Karnaphuli Tunnel, metro-rail, Payra Seaport and Matarbari Port are some that can be mentioned. Among others, the Padma Bridge is already in operation, while the metro rail opens for the public today and both the mega projects are expected to usher in a new era not only in communication but also in trade and business, paving the way for the transformation of the country to a developed one.

A developed nation does not mean infrastructural development only but rather responsible citizenship also. So, with every step ahead we, as a nation, are making to be advanced ones; we, as citizens, have to change our behaviour sensibly towards the level that matches developed nations. We have to act sensibly while availing of advanced facilities. Doing a 180-degree turn from our traditional mindset, we have to make sure that we will not damage expensive public property like the metro rail and will not make coaches or stations dirty.  Everyone should be aware of using this service in a clean, proper, and orderly way and following the rules.

However, the government must consider charging a reasonable fare to ensure passengers get used to riding the metro rail. At the same time, the authorities concerned must work out ways to generate revenue from non-operating services instead of accumulating money from the passengers, keeping in mind that for the government ensuring smart communication is a service, not a business.