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BNP’s 27-point: Recipe for a Rainbow Nation or a Banana Republic?

Anwar A. Khan

BNP’s 27-point: Recipe for a Rainbow Nation or a Banana Republic?

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A smile crossed BNP Standing Committee Member Dr. Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain’s face as he sauntered through the visitors’ press conference on 19 December, 2022; and he was not concerned about the team running afoul of the rules. It was as if an orotund was puffed out the other day by a popinjay’s declamation. It is named as ‘BNP’s restructuring state.’ BNP, as a theatre of the absurd no longer surprises. Nonetheless, it is understandable their new actions which expose the extent to which lack of probity and respect for what is moral and logical, does not cease to cause pain to them.

While BNP was born in the military cantonment with government exchequer’s funding and utilising government spy agencies, it lost its soul and moral compass thence, now the party has become a pun in the hands of the more rapscallion politicians to ensure that they are not held accountable. People do not wish to see the way we see politicians. The charade called politicians shall not be the abode of a country that is attained through supreme sacrifices of millions of people in 1971.

That unprincipled political outfit (BNP is not a political party as it seems to be) had elapsed on the very day of its bringing into existence. It is now in full rein of a full Monty (at least in appearance) and her balled up son. It has brushed up barfs of spoilers of the veridical spirits and values of our glorious Liberation War by the outfit’s amoral kingbolt and her or his scalawag deputies; and the outfit’s present visual modality has tried to lay out something to present as a gift with flicks of some themes and plots of ground bespeaks of ulterior motives and that’s called 27-point recipe for restructuring the state.

News reports say that the BNP policymaker said the formula titled ‘An Outline of the Structural Reforms of the State’ has been prepared in line with the 19-point of party founder Ziaur Rahman and the party’s ‘Vision 2030’ presented by its Chairperson Khaleda Zia in 2017.

The bacilli of the defeated forces could not be destroyed after Bangladesh’s Founding Father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s killing intentionally and with premeditation on 15 August in 1975 by Khondokar Mushtaqu Ahmed and his camarilla and because of skullduggeries of depraved military rulers – Gen. Zia, Gen. Ershad and their compadre – Begum Zia for two decades or so. Unfortunately, they have infected so many other people in the country.

BNP and JP are unlawful machinates born in the military bivouac by profaned military dictators Gen Zia and Gen Ershad and they were self-proclaimed Presidents of Bangladesh. Deviating from what is considered moral, right, proper or good, these reprobate personas, power-hungry men in nature purposely reinstated the anti-liberation forces, especially Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) and their ill chums in every sphere of circuits on the soil of Bangladesh. So, BNP is unquestionably an anti-liberation force in the country and it embodies the defeated forces of our 1971 war.

Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) is well-known and long-familiar both at home and abroad as a killing outfit of our millions of people in 1971 in league with Pakistan’s military junta and Uncle Sam’s felonious administration. It is also a well-known for its worst war criminality in the annals of history. Even if we also hark-back the years of 2013 and 2014, we can clearly see the vivid pictures of the real violent world of BNP and JeI and how these two political outfits brought about terrible excruciations to our people in the country. We cannot and shall never forget the Talibani or ISIS style of brutalities they did thrust out to our innocent people during those times.

Behind the gray stone walls of Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamaat-e-BNP and Jatiya Party, there is a load of rubbish, and next to this rubbish are ill people who wanted to ravage our glorified achievements which we attained in 1971. It is a big shock that we cannot take. In truth, since they are collectors of miscellaneous useless objects or collect things that have been discarded by others, their places are bound to be the outfall at a far-off grime place.

Having seen that BNP like outfit’s illegitimate birth and its topsy-turvy unlawful accession to power, I can tell you the truth: Their 19-point ‘decorative or artistic work’ is a bald-faced lie.

The black-bespectacled bozo (i.e., Gen Zia) never even got to know someone with a light saber or lightsomeness, much less hold one. It is a yarn about the galaxy’s true misfits — the less-than-special ones who rose up against the empire out of desperation and for his diaphanous personal Lilliputian necessity. His better-half and sonny son are asplenium adiantum-nigrum, have been more chippies in glorifying the defeated enemies giving moorage to their past rule of government and longing for future and the country’s body politic to fosterage gamin for our yester-years’ aureoles.

A skanky politician as BKZ and her lad have all along been, the abracadabra harangue of BNP’s 21-point is nothing, but a tactic or maneuver intended to gain ground of a vantage lonesome to snaffle power along with their knavish paisanos to further rampage or run riot and dance or Terpsichore on our glorious red and green flag. Their new-fangled and averred assertion in the press conference is jocularity like a circus party buffoon. The summation of their words that are mouthed veritably sounds “Rogues supplant justice.” BNP’s fazing or enervating criminal record would exacerbate once they, like rogue politicians, seize the country’s throne. And that will be another bald-faced Vespula maculate of overbearing pride.

According to Warren Bennis, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” But every time, BNP’s enthusiastic chum salmons cogitate about the time of sunrise. It is anathematic that they have been offering to a Janus-faced deity somas aesthesis of non-fictional prose forming an independent part of a printed matter for distribution to the public to take their kingpin leaders to power-boating.

BNP’s 27-point reform plan is nothing, but an enlarged billow beyond truth or reasonableness of without value, significance or point of forebodes. This will before long be chapfallen. It is not anything, nothing, at all, but a charade and a misleading falsehood with the country and its people.

The role of political leadership in the successful implementation of path-breaking people’s welfare policies in democratically governed countries is not their vivid mental image. Building on research on case studies from around the world, strategic planning and politics often go hand in hand in producing significant policy outcomes in democratically governed populace. Strategic planning plays a transformative role in addressing critical political issues and clarifying long-term people’s aspirations and policy goals. Together with in-depth, context-appropriate research on strategic and urgent questions, delineating coherent actions and means for implementation further the operationalisation of change policies. Where is BNP leadership’s quality of being able to perform, a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment? 

The full Monty and her compadres’ abracadabra recitation or programme line to introduce a positive and quality political culture in Bangladesh is a good-for-naught, subsonic and not capable of being made consistent or harmonious document with their own political orientation or their party’s school of thought. Hers or her sonny-boy is a knavery; lack of honesty; and acts of lying, et al.

There is a commonly held assumption that long-term planning and democratic politics are incompatible. The intended outcomes of long-term planning require continuity, learning, and adaptation, but frequent election cycles and turnover of political incumbents (not to mention public opposition) can disrupt established policy pathways and incentivize public officials to focus on highly visible, short-term gains. The embeddedness of political leaders in social and administrative structures can further constrain their authority and actions. A queasy political character as she or her son is, how an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone else Begum Zia or her son be.

Besieged by the 1971 war criminals, mass murderers, rapists…BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and her sonny son brought out their party’s 27-point formula to turn the country into a “rainbow nation” to create a political culture where all people of varying opinions can coexist peacefully, but, in fact, it is and will be a four flush. They do not possess or hold such a vision in their own soul; the party leaders are nothing but a reciter of that speech only. Hence, it can safely be said it is aimed at making Bangladesh a banana republic.

It is an outfit based on legerdemain. Good always has to triumph over evil, and a respect for the law-and-order establishment has to be encouraged. Gothic, as if belonging to the Middle Ages, old-fashioned and unenlightened, she or her son or her other leaders may be the resident of an infernal region and operate their fit out in that realm, not in Bangladesh.

BNP’s past history speaks that the bucked-up writers in a disloyal and faithless manner write lectures for BNP like an unlawful machinate born in the military bivouac. Guinea-hen flower or snake’s head recites the scripts only. They do not even hold or possess a single word of this written script, but they want to rule us to ravage our country with more savageness.


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