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Mitro, Crony Group ink deal to bring 15,000 workers under financial inclusion

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  • 16 December, 2022 12:00 AM
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Mitro, Crony Group ink deal to bring 15,000 workers under financial inclusion

Bangladeshi RMG manufacturer Crony Group has recently entered into a contract with Mitro Fintech Limited to ensure financial wellness for over 15,000 employees.

On behalf of Crony Group, Chairperson and BGMEA Director, Neela Hosna Ara, and Kishwar Hashemee, CEO and Co-Founder at Mitro Fintech Limited, inked the MoU on Crony Group's premises, said a press release.

Crony Group Managing Director AH Aslam Sunny, and Group Chief Financial Officer, Santanu Barua, aim to collaborate on making Mitro's early wage access product accessible to all its employees.

Mitro is a financial wellness platform based in Bangladesh that promotes financial wellness among the working masses by assisting businesses in efficiently managing payroll through its payroll software and increasing employee wellness and productivity through its Earned Wage Access (EWA) employee benefit.

Crony Group employees will now have instant access to their earned wages via Mitro, ensuring their financial stability and resilience.

Employees can request and receive a portion of their accrued salary via the Mitro app without having to wait until payday, which would directly impact RMG owners with fewer staff migrations, increased productivity, and retention, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee engagement on a Bangladesh-made platform.

This collaboration aims to increase worker awareness and adoption of Earned Wage Access, as well as support each other in educating and uplifting the financial health of their workers and employees.