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Vegetable prices decline

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 10 December, 2022 12:00 AM
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Vegetable prices decline

Prices of most of the winter vegetables declined in the capital’s kitchen markets while rice, flour, sugar, lentil and edible oil prices maintained the previous high rates on Friday.

Traders said most of the vegetable prices have declined this week due to their increasing supply.

Prices of vegetables declined but rice, sugar, lentil and flour prices were high as the previous week at different kitchen markets in Mohammadpur, Mirpur-6 and Shewrapara areas.

While visiting Mirpur-6 kitchen market, this correspondent found that the price of beans declined to Tk 40-50 per kg from Tk 60-70 in a week, newly harvested potatoes declined to Tk 40 per kg from Tk 50, green tomatoes declined to Tk 30-40 per kg from Tk60, turnip declined to Tk 40 per kg from Tk 55-60 in a week and cabbage and cauliflower declined to Tk 25-30 per piece from Tk 40-50 per piece in a week.

Sirajul Islam, a vegetable trader at the market, said most of the vegetable prices are in a declining trend as supply increases.

The vegetables that were Tk 60-80 per kg in the previous week are now selling at Tk 50-60 per kg, he said, adding that vegetable prices may decline further.

The chicken and egg market remained stable as the previous week. Broiler chicken was sold at the previous rate of Tk 140 per kg while Sonali chicken price declined to Tk 240-250 per kg from Tk 260 in a week.

The price of farm eggs has maintained the previous range of Tk 110 per dozen at the kitchen market.

Meanwhile, the price of rice has increased by Tk 2 to 5 per kg in the last weeks, loose atta was sold at Tk 60-65 per kg and packaged atta was sold at Tk 70-75 per kg while loose sugar was sold at Tk 110 to Tk120 per kg but packaged sugar was not available in the market.