Tuesday, 7 February, 2023

‘Black War’ teaser creates buzz among audience

‘Black War’ teaser creates buzz among audience

The teaser of the ‘Mission Extreme’ sequel ‘Black War’ was released on Wednesday. The teaser has already created a buzz among the audience.

The one-minute and 3-second video has showed a glimpse of a story full of suspense. Terrorists have planned multiple attacks in the country. Special branch of the police force is ready to foil the attacks. ADC Navid is leading the mission. His only goal is to protect the country by fighting against the terrorists. 

Arifin Shuvoo is playing the role of ADC Nabid. Before the shooting of the movie, the actor was undergoing body transformation for about nine months. So fans are eager to see Shuvoo in such a look on the big screen.

Arifin Shuvoo said, “Black War is coming after a long hiatus. The teaser has been released. The viewers will judge if it is good or bad. The film is our gift to everyone in the New Year.”

‘Black War’ has been jointly directed by Sunny Sarwar and Foysal Ahmed.

‘Black War’ also stars Taskin Rahman, Oishee Sadia Nabila, Raisul Islam Asad, Sumit Sengupta and others. The film will be released in the theatre on January 6.