Wednesday, 8 February, 2023

Anondo Khaled starrer ‘Kanta’ released

Anondo Khaled starrer ‘Kanta’ released

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Anondo Khaled starrer short film titled ‘Kanta’ has been released. Written and directed by Yamin Ilan, the film is based on Sheetal Gangopadhyay’s story ‘Dater Adole’.

About the short film, Anondo Khaled said, “I’m very happy to do the work. We all went to Nawabganj the night before. We started shooting there before 6:00 in the morning. I like any kind of experimental work. That’s why I did this short film.”

Director Ilan said, “Now all trendy and view work is being made. After hearing the story, it felt like it could be presented to the audience. Certain works bring a distinct satisfaction. ‘Kanta’ is such a work.”

‘Kanta’ also stars Rezmin Sethu, Saheed Osman Rumel, Juthi Ankhi and Masum Bashar. Produced by Lusa Mirza, the short film was released on Dhooli Drama’s YouTube channel.