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Inflation drops to 8.85pc in Nov

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 6 December, 2022 12:00 AM
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The general inflation rate in the country dropped 8.85 percent on a point-to-point basis in the last three months, continuing its downward trend in the previous three months.

The inflation rate for October was 8.91 percent, compared to 9.1 percent in September.

Inflation slowed down by 0.61 percent in the last two months after a fuel price rise in August pushed it to a decade-high 9.52 percent. 

Inflation dropped mainly due to fuel prices normalizing in the global market, strengthening supply of subsidized essential food items through TCB, and a surplus of winter vegetables, said Planning Minister MA Mannan while talking to reporters at the Secretariat on Monday.

The consumer price index (CPI) data prepared by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) showed that non-food inflation and other inflation were 8.14 percent and 9.98 percent respectively in November, while they were 8.50 percent and 9.58 percent respectively in October.

In rural areas, however, general inflation rose slightly in November to 8.98 percent from 8.92 percent in October.

General inflation in urban areas has decreased from 8.90 percent in October 2022 to 8.70 percent in November.