Wednesday, 1 February, 2023

Tap full potential of tourism sector

Tap full potential of tourism sector

The tourism industry was one of the worst sufferers of the coronavirus pandemic that forced almost every country on the planet to impose travel restrictions. However, with the lifting of travel restrictions, people have proved enthusiastic to get back to taking local international holidays and the industry is growing again. At least, the recently concluded three-day tourism expo organised by the Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB) suggests so.

The expo was organised with the intention to bring enthusiastic tourists and tourism stakeholders like airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, hotel-motels, resorts, restaurants and event management firms from many countries under an umbrella. Keeping the intention of the organiser in mind, it can be said that they were very much successful since the expo turned into a centre of festivity with hundreds of tourism enthusiasts thronging different galleries to browse through various facilities on offer, including suitable tour packages. The success of the expo brings much-needed relief to the tourism sector.

The arrival of winter brings an occasion to celebrate for the people in our country and a large number of people come out of their places to explore the world around them. While many people, especially from the upper economic class, opt to go abroad to enjoy their holidays, the number of people who prefer local destinations is not less. However, the number of destinations is very limited for them. It is not because of lack of beautiful and unexplored places, but largely of inadequate and unfavourable tourist facilities.

Bangladesh is a land of enormous beauty consisting of sea beaches including the world’s longest natural ones, part of the largest mangrove forest preserved as World Heritage, tropical rain forests, hundreds of rivers and several lakes surrounded by hills with natural springs and eye-soothing tea gardens. Despite having so many factors in attracting tourists, the country is yet to develop as a popular tourist destination, thanks to inadequate branding that mainly focuses on Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach and Sundarbans only.

So, along with arranging more such expos, the authorities concerned must put emphasis on developing and branding tourist destinations other than those very popular two. We expect that the stakeholders will make a plan to tap the full potential of our tourism sector.