Wednesday, 8 February, 2023

Modi’s call for mindset shift

Modi’s call for mindset shift

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Narendra Modi, the incumbent President of the Group of Twenty or G20, in a well written article published in a section of the media including the Daily Sun, came up with a philosophical orientation that the forum of nations is going to be guided by during India’s Presidency. At the very outset, Modi raised the important question as to whether the Group would remain satisfied with what it had achieved so far or could go further to achieve even more in the changed global environment. He was very much emphatic in his approach to the question: The forum can and must go still ahead and, based on past gains, strive hard to ensure what he termed as macro-economic stability, rationalising international taxation and relieving debt-burden on countries. These are highly attuned to the fundamental objectives for which the Group was founded some 23 year back.

However, for that to happen, Modi is right to feel, a paradigm shift is urgently needed in the old mindset that led parties to the fight for scarce resources and denying others of the same. The Indian Presidency believes that the forum can surely act as a catalytic agent in the mindset shift. Modi expressed his strong disagreement with the outmoded belief that greed for wealth, and competition and confrontation for the same is the fundamental nature of human beings. As opposed to this mindset, the Indian Prime Minister urged for promoting universal sense of oneness based on 3H, namely healing, harmony and hope – healing of ‘One Earth’, harmony of ‘One Family’ and hope for ‘One Future’. 

Global or regional forums such as G20 are formed to pursue common benefit for humans. But reality very often is just the opposite. Despite the presence of innumerable platforms all over the globe and high sounding promises, such basic things as food and medicines are monopolised by a few and used for political purposes. And it is for the lack of or limited access to these things that millions of poor and marginalised people across the globe suffer perpetually. Modi is unhesitant in his vow for depoliticising the global supply of food, agricultural inputs and life saving products to avoid recurring humanitarian crises. Let Modi’s approaches to the issues lead to the establishment of a more humanitarian global family.