Monday, 30 January, 2023

‘Urnajal’ at shilpakala today

‘Urnajal’ at shilpakala today
A scene from the play ‘Urnajal’

Popular theatre troupe Batighar’s much-acclaimed production ‘Urnajal’ will be staged at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) this evening.

 Written and directed by Bakar Bokul, the main theme of the play is religious bigotry. ‘Urnajal’ shows how religion can misinterpreted and used for the benefit of extremist outfits and people with dishonest intent.

The story was set in a village where people live harmoniously despite differences in their religious beliefs, interests and allegiances. But it all starts to change when an expat, Khaled, returns home and starts propagating extremism and militancy in the name of religion and hatred against other belief.

Kahled and his cohorts try to establish one particular style of living forcing others to follow suit. His hatred towards bauls and calling their lifestyle ‘haram’ (forbidden) shock and surprise many but at the same time win support of some people.

The probable cast of the play includes Mukto Neel, Saddam Rahman, Sanjoy Goswami, Sweety Sarker, Khalid Hasan Rumi, Moniruzzaman Feroz, Shishir Sarker, Faisal Ahammed and others.