Sunday, 5 February, 2023

‘The Renaissance of the Rohingya Culture: The Journey’ concludes in Cox’s Bazar

A tow-day art exhibition titled ‘The Renaissance of the Rohingya Culture: The Journey’ concluded in Cox’s Bazar on Wednesday.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency in partnership with Artolution, Terre des Hommes, and the Cox’s Bazar Art Club organised the exhibition to showcase the paintings created by Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar and allowing for an intimate look into an artistic presentation of how Rohingya refugees of different age and gender perceive their lives.

With 5 big and 135 small canvases and hundreds of drawings were showcased at the exhibition held at the Cox’s Bazar Cultural Center. Inspired by Rohingyas’ live in the refugee camps, this is an attempt to disseminate stories about Rohingyas’ identity, the trauma of their past, the challenges of their present, and the hopes and aspirations they have for their future.

“Amidst the harsh conditions in the camps, many refugees have found art as a mode of expression, as well as a means to deal with emotions and feelings in a positive way and to ease the pain. By painting they are also keeping their culture and history alive.” says Ita Schuette, Head of UNHCR in Cox’s Bazar.

“Our artists have so far produced more than 3000 art pieces including drawings and small canvases. Painting helps refugees contemplate and find inner peace”, says A S M Suza Uddin, the Country Manager of Artolution in Bangladesh.