Wednesday, 1 February, 2023

Call for reviving the glory of silk sector

RAJSHAHI: Revitalisation of the traditional silk sector can be the crucial means of restoring its glory as it still has an image and pride throughout the country.

Integrated efforts of all the authorities concerned is very important towards reviving the prestigious sector because it’s labour-intensive in both farming and industrial sides, reports BSS.

Officials and experts came up with the observation while reviewing the matters and activities related to the Bangladesh Silk Development Board (BSDB) at its conference hall here Monday.

BSDB Senior Vice-president Fazley Hossain Badsha, MP, and its Member and Commissioner of Rajshahi division GSM Zafarullah addressed the meeting as the chief and special guests respectively with BSDB Director General Shayam Kishore Roy in the chair.

The meeting was told that silk clothes are being manufactured in 19 looms of Rajshahi Silk Factory since their reactivation. In phases, there are plans of resuming 23 more looms of the factory.

The full-fledged operation of all 63 looms of the factory will increase the production of fabrics to 287,000 metres annually.

In his remarks, lawmaker Badsha said silk is not only pride and heritage for Rajshahi but also throughout the country. Utmost emphasis should be given on making the sector profitable together with sustaining its golden heritage.

He said steps have been taken to bring more power looms of the silk factory operational to regain the lost glory of traditional Rajshahi Silk.

Market promotion works are also being progressed. Sericulture and silk industry, by its nature, is a family based labor-intensive economic activity that provides employment for the rural people.

Commissioner Zafarullah said the silk represents the entire Rajshahi in both home and abroad. So, there is no alternative but to survive it with collective efforts.

Shayam Kishore Roy said the silk clothes produced at the factory are now being sold through its show-room.

Simultaneously, the silk fabrics produced in the factory are also being sold.

Rajshahi Silk factory was set up on 15.50 bighas of land in 1961. There were 63 looms in the factory during its closure of which 35 were running.

Before the closure in 2003, the factory used to produce 106,000 metres of fabrics in a year, the meeting sources said.