Monday, 30 January, 2023

Preventing Pneumonia

Awareness campaign for grassroots people held in Rajshahi

Awareness campaign for grassroots people held in Rajshahi

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RAJSHAHI: Many of the grassroots people have got ideas and knowledge about signs and symptoms of pneumonia along with its preventive measures in the region.

Motivational campaigns, including rally and discussion, were arranged in the rural level health facilities simultaneously to alert the villagers to protect their babies from fatal consequences of pneumonia, reports BSS.

Raising awareness about pneumonia and highlights its causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment were the salient features of the campaign.

Dr Golam Rabbani, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer of Bagmara, told that fatalities caused by pneumonia can be reduced to a greater extent through generating awareness among the public in general.

He mentioned that fever, cough, chills, dust breathing, breathing with grunting or wheezing sounds, working hard to breathe, vomiting and chest pain are the main signs and symptoms of the disease.

Dr Rabbani opined that pneumonia kills more children than any other infectious disease but almost all of these deaths are preventable.

However, the children can be protected from pneumonia, it can be prevented with simple interventions and it can be treated with low-cost, low-tech medication and care.

Apart from a large number of community people, around 300 service providers, including upazila health and family planning officers, junior child consultants, staff nurses, assistant community medical officers, midwives and community volunteers, joined the daylong programmes.

“Championing the fight to stop pneumonia” is the main theme of the day this year.

PHIIR project is being implemented in 5 upazila health complexes, 42 union health and family welfare centres and 110 community clinics of Rajshahi and Naogaon districts aimed at improving the health status of the target population giving special focus on maternal, neonatal and child health at primary health care level.

Project Manager Tozammel Haque said the village people are being sensitizsed about ensuring good standards of hygiene as covering mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing is very effective to prevent pneumonia.

In the project-covering areas, the people are also being motivated to maintain healthy lifestyles that can prevent pneumonia because washing hands regularly to avoid transferring germs to other people or objects.

Prof Belal Uddin of the Department of Pediatrics in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital said pneumonia is a disease complicated by inflammation of the lungs or respiratory system.

Infection of the lung parenchyma or air sac with germs such as bacteria, virus, etc. causes chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, which is known as pneumonia. Main symptom of pneumonia is frequent breathing and difficulty breathing.

It is a very common and ancient lung disease. But pneumonia is completely preventable but family awareness is important.

As a whole, pneumonia can easily be prevented amid awareness among the public in general.

Prof Belal added that creating awareness among the people has become crucial to save many of the children from this complex disease of the respiratory system.

Children under the age of five and the elderly are most affected by pneumonia and children die most. Men are more affected than women.