Monday, 30 January, 2023

Fake cops must face real punishment

Fake cops must face real punishment

Corruption and crime have been widespread in recent years because of different reasons, including lax law enforcement. The situation has worsened considerably since some criminals leave no stone unturned to commit crimes. Now they start pretending to be law enforcement agency members for doing offences. Pretending to be the security personnel has become the safest option for criminals as people hardly dare to argue with cops. According to a back page report of the Daily Sun, in most cases, the imposters with police uniforms, handcuffs, walkie-talkies and microbuses lie in wait at different strategic points in the capital for prey.

In recent times, law enforcement agencies have arrested several individuals involved in criminal activities in the guise of cop members, but their gangs are yet to be tackled. The police have learnt that some imposters wearing fake uniforms and posing themselves as members of different law enforcement agencies get involved in criminal activities like kidnapping people and snatching money.

Besides crimes, these offenders are tarnishing the image of law enforcement agencies. They create a wrong perception about cops and, more importantly, make people distrust security personnel who are trying heart and soul to ensure people's safety. However, there is no denying that these criminals have dared to do so, for people doubt some cop personnel since a few dishonest members of law enforcement agencies reportedly harass people unnecessarily and commit crimes sometimes. 

Therefore, law enforcement agencies must find out all the rackets involved in such activities and take stern action against these impostors. People should also register complaints if they face such incidents. But most of all, the tiny number of dishonest security personnel for whose wrong deeds people believe imposters as cops must be punished. If people find cop personnel honest and helpful to them, the criminal dare not try to cheat people in the guise of law enforcement agencies. And these should be done to establish law and order as well as to uphold the image of law enforcement agencies who often assure people to stand by them as friends.