Monday, 30 January, 2023

Wish no power crisis in future

Wish no power crisis in future

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The RMG industry is termed as a powerhouse of the country’s economy. But, in recent times, the vital industry faced a setback due to an unprecedented power crisis that prevailed over the country since middle of the ongoing year. As a result, production in most RMG factories dropped by at least 40 per cent, raising concern over the future of the country’s major industry. However, the latest observation of the president of BGMEA, the apex trade body of the apparel exporters, has relieved all concerned to a great extent. He has expressed his upbeat about the current power situation in the country's RMG sector. He said that the ongoing crisis in this regard is being resolved. He revealed at a press conference held in the capital on Saturday that power crisis in industry is almost over. 

The revelation came not from any other source than the BGMEA chief himself. Therefore, it is worth-believing. The BGMEA president’s statement has brought hope for the entire nation. We rejoice the positive affirmation that power crisis in RMG sector has gone away. Because of availability of power, production in RMG factories is now going on without any interruption. Following resolution of power crisis, Dhaka-Chattogram highway and port issues have also been resolved. It is heartening to note that lately Bangladesh has found new garment export destinations like Iraq and some other countries. So, RMG production targets must be raised significantly, which we hope will be possible in the new power scenario.

However, smooth power supply must also be ensured in all other industrial sectors of the country. Moreover, steps should be taken so that similar power crisis does recur in the future. Policymakers should be cautious enough so that power crisis does not happen due to any wrong policy. Bangladesh is scheduled to officially become a developing country in 2026 and a developed nation by 2041. Rapid industrialisation is a must to achieve the coveted goal. A reliable electricity supply is a basic prerequisite for further industrial development and achieving the status of the developed nation. So, we urge the government to ensure uninterrupted power supply to industrial plants for undisrupted production.