Sunday, 5 February, 2023

Nizam Uddin wins ‘World Change Maker 2022’ award in India

Nizam Uddin wins ‘World Change Maker 2022’ award in India

Filmmaker Md. Nizam Uddin has won the ‘World Change Maker 2022’ award in India.   India-based organisation Kalinga International Youth Foundation (KYF) handed over the award to the artiste on November 10 at the concluding ceremony of four-day conference titled ‘Purbaayaan International Conference at Bhubaneswar of  Odisha in India. 

Youth and students, social workers, professionals, organisers, representatives from around 12 countries of the world participated at this conference.

 Film director and organiser Md. Nizam Uddin participated in the conference as an invited guest from Bangladesh.

 About the award, Nizam Uddin said, “Earlier I was awarded with ‘Youth Changemaker’ award by IYS organisation in 2018 at the International Youth Summit, for my contribution in making a film on rights of disabled, women and children from Nepal. Now, I have been honoured with ‘World Changemaker Award’ from Kalinga International Youth Foundation. This is the best achievement of my life.”

 Nizam Uddin is a short film and drama maker of the country.   Currently, he is making a full-length film titled ‘Tear of Nature’. Md.Nizam Uddin is the director and writer of the film.