Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Alia, Ranbir name their baby girl

Alia, Ranbir name their baby girl

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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have announced the name of their baby girl, Raha. Alia took to Instagram to share a photo of herself, Ranbir and Raha with a jersey in the background with the name Raha on it, reports The Indian Express.

Alia credited Raha’s grandmother Neetu Kapoor with coming up with name. She wrote, “The name Raha (chosen by her wise and wonderful Dadi) has so many beautiful meanings…”

Alia Bhatt also explained the meaning of the name and wrote, “Raha, in its purest form means divine path, in Swahili she is Joy, In Sanskrit, Raha is a clan, In Bangla – rest, comfort, relief, in Arabic peace, it also means happiness, freedom & bliss.”

She added, “And true to her name, from the first moment we held her – we felt it ALL! Thank you Raha, for bringing our family to life, it feels as though our lives have only just begun.”

Alia and Ranbir welcomed their baby girl on November 6 at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai. Announcing the birth of Raha, Alia and Ranbir shared on Instagram, “And in the best news of our lives, our baby is here, and what a magical girl she is. We are officially bursting with love, blessed and obsessed parents, love love love Ranbir and Alia.”

In a recent chat with Marie Claire magazine, Alia spoke about raising her daughter in the public eye. “I am a little concerned about bringing up a child in the public eye. I talk about it with my friends, with my family, and my husband a lot. I don’t want there to be a, sort of, intrusion into my child’s life,” she said. The Darlings actor added that it is her choice to be an actor and be a public figure, but maybe her child won’t choose the same path. “So that’s something that I feel very protective about,” the actor said.